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Our Referral Programmes

Creating mutual value with clients and partners is crucial for long-term success. Over the years, we have learned that the great contributors to success in our line of business are competitive trading conditions, cutting-edge technology, high-level security solutions, complete transparency and dedicated customer support. Those are the key-elements that we have been focused on.

We encourage our clients to combine their skills and expertise with our infrastructure to form profitable partnerships. To that end, we have created tailored referral programmes to meet various needs and demands.


Refer and Earn

Our Refer-and-Earn programme is the simplest route to partnership. All you need to do is tell your acquaintances about us by sending them an email or posting on popular social media platforms. Once the people introduced by you reach a certain trading volume, you could be paid up to 1 Eth.



With an intense focus on building strong client relations, we have taken great pride in developing a programme which allows individuals and companies to get paid for directing new clients to us. Our superior Affiliate referral programme offers our partners great incentives and is by far the most flexible programme when compared to our other partnership forms, as you can select between three distinctive compensation models.

Before you can apply to be an Affiliate you need to introduce at least 2 funded clients through our Refer-and-Earn programme.

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