The Exchange Eco-System at BlockchainNeXT! (advertised as TYCHEXCHANGE)

TYCHEXCHANGE is different from many other competitors for more than one reasonMost of the participants in both high level and low level trading recognises the need for a secure, transparent and modern digital platform that offers more than just trading pairs of tokens or coins.

Most platforms that try to create an eco-system seem to fail in architecting the foundation to support that, due to each of them having specialised in only one part of the needed systems. That’s where we will start off differently, by creating a comprehensive structure to setup an efficient and effective trading environment, which offers basic and professional datalogging services.

Thanks to years of experience of the TYCHEXCHANGE team in different assets, ranging from stocks to futures and options, CFD’s and crypto, we recognise and offer solutions for regulated, service-focused and secure exchange facilities that can house both fiat, f&o, cfd’s and crypto currencies.

TYCHEXCHANGE is not inventing the wheel, we are architecting the strongest platform to offer a seamless bridge between crypto trading and traditional trading that has been performed for centuries.

Security, the highest ranked key-element on the TYCHEXCHANGE platform will include Clearing and Settlement, depository participant checks and a wide variety of security verifications such as authenticators, sms and digital signature ID implementation.

The TEX way

TYCHEXCHANGE is in the process of being a fully regulated exchange with all required licenses for asset trading, such as Fiat-Crypto, Crypto-Crypto, CFD, F&O trading. To ensure the strength and flexibility, TEX team has brought together a strong group of dedicated and passionate experts coming from either blockchain, online trading or irl (in real life) trading, all with extensive experience in technology, operations, support and financial markets. Each individual brings their own expertise to make this an exceptional service platform.

The TYCHEXCHANGE platform will offer a wide variety of trade solutions with the goal to house a wide range community of users and traders from around the globe. These provided options will allow for a wider decentralization and bring new and older practices into one dedicated platform.

Users and participants of the platform will have several dedicated options of subscriptions, offering a practical use for each investment size. Participants will be able to connect live or through advanced designated support channel connected to the platform.

Customer Service being one of the key-elements of our foundation will include a myriad of client dedicated features, secure logins, KYC verification of both buyers and sellers, live chat options over phone and net-ticketing using state of the art support software packages.

TYCHEXCHANGE will be connected to several Trading platforms such as Tradedash and similar packages. Our membership packages will offer online professional trading tools.

Customer Support

BlockchainNeXT will manage a full support team for TYCHEXCHANGE, to give our asset platform participants the proper customer service they deserve for the environment they trade on.

Nearly all of the present crypto exchanges lack the human interactions with their public and do not have the infrastructure present to support the growth they experience. This is where BlockchainNeXT will invest a large part of its resources, since we believe customer support are the muscles in the backbone of an organisation.

Live support will be available at every level through an extensive setup supporting our ticket setup to assist traders live in conference layout to overcome each issue with the least amount of downtime possible.

Our Vision for the future

BlockchainNeXT’s team believes todays exchanges that venture in assets need to be nimble and prepared to continually respond to opportunities that reflect the changing world in which they operate. The wide range of trading products available should be present on an exchange that is set to be a leading platform of the future. We are bringing that future of banking and trading with a new level of flexibility.

TYCHEXCHANGE aims to be the one stop shop for the most profitable trading assets and will combine that, with highly technologically evolving products. In case of digital assets, the cryptocurrency markets are still paving their path for the future, tremendous opportunities present themselves but require an adaptive, responsive structure in order to overcome the complex requirements that the implementation of essential levels of security demand.


BlockchainNeXT will invest its resources and know-how in bringing high-end security levels to its TYCHEXCHANGE platform. Once the exchange goes live your login will require a remote-controlled mobile verification process, to complete your ultimate identification.
A bespoke clearing and settlement program will bring ancient trading verification to the digital asset markets through a custom designed fail-safe structure developed by the TYCHEXCHANGE dev. team that is backed by decades of experience in professional trading assets.


Nishant Garauw

Founder/Core Team

Nishant Garauw has 14 years’ experience in stock markets, and before that had a software company of his own. He is also an experienced coder, has a passion for finance and a great drive to help others succeed!

Crystal Zeiler

Crystal Zeiler has had many years of experience in a variety of fields, from legal office administration and accounting, to sales, teaching and tech support. She has been both an employee and an entrepreneur with her own companies involving sales as well as medical billing and training, and has great researching skills. She most recently was not just a tech support person but worked her way up to a position of mentor (held team meetings and helped team set goals) as well as the company trainer for training new technicians and has excellent customer service skills. With her varied background and 30+ years on computers, she brings a lot to the team. Crystal has a passion for helping others and seeing the things she is involved with succeeding and has a can-do attitude to get things done!

Tim Kemland

Tim studied accountancy-taxation and immediately started doing his own businesses after graduation. He participated in many businesses from construction companies to international consultancy companies building up a lot of experience in many branches. In every business he gets involved and he sees value inside, he is always dedicated, creative and has an all-in mindset. Today he has his own different companies worldwide involved in the latest growth markets. He educates people and is always helpful. He is a real entrepreneur looking for opportunities. With his years of experience, he can see the difficulties in businesses and turn them into strengths.

Mahaveer Solanki

Founder/Core Team

Mahaveer Solanki brings to the project 10 years of experience in a Management position in one of India’s largest private education groups with multiple private universities and 150+ world class schools. He is a trusted advisor and a strong member of our team!