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News flash 19/07/2020

  • 1. All coins on exchange with addresses are available for deposit/trade/withdrawal.
  • 2. All deposits requests will be processed instantly – and should reflect in your deposit history within minutes. Once they have had enough confirmations (varies per coin) they will be available in wallet.
  • 3. Withdrawal requests are processed once a day M-F and are not processed on weekends/holidays.
  • 4. A Monthly maintenance will be done on the exchange on the 1st Sunday of each month. The exchange will be down for the period of 4 hours at 15:30 CET.
  • 5. We have completed beta 1 and moving to a stable beta phase where we have a stable and robust performance! Everyone should enter their KYC again, because of the latest major updates to the platform, these have been deleted for safety and GDPR legislation.

Thank you for your patience!

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Coin Listing


Upon an exchange member’s written request, the Exchange shall register traders who meet the requirements hereof on the exchange trader list and provide them with access to the trading platform days after the receipt of all documents necessary for registration.



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